The Colourful Socks Do’s and Don’ts for Men

The Colourful Socks Do’s and Don’ts for Men

The rule when it comes to picking out the right socks for men is quite constricting. The colour of your socks, ideally, should match the colour of your trousers. That is just boring and too conventional. Yes, it may work for formal occasions such as weddings, business meetings and other settings wherein you have to look sharp and dapper. However, this can be quite a suffocating rule. You must be able to express your personality and style in some way right? That’s what coloured socks are made for.

Coloured socks like the ones at Henry J socks can spice up any men’s outfit just by being there. It can be quite difficult to strike the balance of what will complement your wardrobe to what will completely destroy it and make you look like a flat-out joke but it’s possible if you follow these simple rules:

When Are You Not Allowed to Wear Bright Socks

The definition for what constitutes the bright socks category is vague. Bright socks may include flashy socks as well so this ranges from bold solid coloured socks, to fancy patterns and novelty socks that include cartoons and other graphics. You cannot wear such kinds of socks with any formal business attire. You cannot wear them in events and occasions that does not have a place for your individuality, in this case, bold sock to steal the scene such as in funerals. You are obviously more than free to challenge conventional fashion rules and dress codes but it’s better to tone it down a notch for certain occasions.

When Are You Allowed to Wear Bright Socks

Now that the restrictions on wearing coloured and bright socks have been put in place for business attires, we can now move on to discuss the fun part. When are you allowed to rock those quirky socks? You can wear them with any outfit that isn’t a suit and a tie.

Bring life to a simple outfit by wearing a bright pair of socks. You can add a pair of bright Henry J socks to a dull outfit like jeans and plain shirt or button downs and jeans. The pop of colour can add personality and spice up the entire outfit. It’s simple but it’s an effective way to draw attention.

To add colour coordination to your outfit. You can mix and match your socks with your outfits accordingly to bring out the best combination of colours that highlight your complexion or the overall theme of what you are wearing.

When it is an occasion where you know you will be showing off your socks. Say you have to go to a Japanese restaurant, Japanese tradition requires for people to remove their shoes before entering a home or having a meal. This is the perfect time for you to wear one of Henry J’s eye catching socks. You do not want to be stuck wearing a boring pair of socks when you are actually given an opportunity to show them off!

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