The Henry J guide to Wedding Season

It is that time of the year again: wedding season is upon us. These few months see blossoming couples from all over the country tie the knot in traditional or extravagant (and expensive) ways. Such a small window of time can put immense pressure on the guests. How many outfits do you have in the wardrobe that are suitable for a wedding?

The bride-to-be might have her dream dress chosen months, even years in advance of the big day. The guests, however, stereotypically the men (more often than not!), are likely to hold back until the penultimate week, to unleash a mad frenzy in an attempt to find some suitable attire.

A wedding is one of the most important days in a couple’s relationship; you might be one of them. For that reason alone, you have got to ensure you pick the right outfit, one wrong move in clothing choice could flounder the whole event, especially if you’re the lucky fellow putting the ring on her finger!

Not to worry gents, for this is the Henry J guide to Wedding Season. With our help you’ll pull up looking fresh, attracting attention second only to the bride!


The Suave Suit

What you wear to the wedding depends on one crucial thing:


Are you on a golden sandy beach, inside a luxurious hotel or within a characterful old establishment? Knowing the venue is essential, as this provides a pre-determined theme.

Sandy beach?

Try a lightweight suit, achieved by picking materials such as linen, or seersucker. Ensure the jacket is unconstructed, e., there is no thick lining, to avoid embarrassing sweat patches during the ceremony. Light shades of blue or off-white complement the time of year and location. For footwear, a pair of brown loafers go easy on your feet and won’t see you sinking slowly into the sand. Why not opt for a cropped pair of trousers, with a pair of our socks proudly strapped around your ankles? They are sure to brighten up a posse of groomsmen, even the groom himself, if he’s feeling brave!

Classy indoor venue?

Whether it’s a hotel, country club or private estate, a wedding of this calibre demands excellent attire. This may be a black-tie event. If so, go with a smart evening suit, all black, and make sure those shoes are polished! Any style of shoe can be appropriate here, so long as they’re black and looking pristine. A waistcoat isn’t necessary but why not jazz it up a bit with a pair of braces instead of a cummerbund or belt? That way, you can stand out that extra bit should you remove your blazer. On the other hand, if black-tie isn’t a necessity, opt for a single colour to distinguish your features: the tie, pocket square, braces and yes, your socks!

A gothic scene?
Bow tie and cummerbund aren’t necessary, but a variety of colours & styles are acceptable at a traditional church, dependent of course on the requested dress code and/or the theme of the groomsmen and bridal group. For instance, if the bride opts for a “pretty & pink” dress, with the groom sporting a blue suit, why not also go for a blue suit, but add pink features to represent the couple together. This can come in the form of your shirt, a pocket square, or flower, a silk tie or even a pair of our blue & pink socks?

The Smart Casual

Smart-casual, although proving to be the more popular dress-code these past few years, can certainly be branded the most confusing. To create a perfect balance between formality and informality can, at first, seem a daunting task. Not anymore!

Smart-Casual Dos:

Jacket/Blazer – The most common piece to represent the dapper half, though not as limited as when picking a full suit, the jacket can come in a variety of colours or patterns, no need to stick to block colours or traditional embroidery.

Light chinos/trousers – More recently, men have been seen to opt for a pair of loose slacks to old-school tailored fit trousers. The lighter colours help to show the casual side, and also conform well with the overall time of year and (hopefully!) the warmer weather.

Get your socks out! This is your chance to brandish the flare in your outfit, and we can more than accommodate for that with our collection of bright, beautifully coloured hosiery. Breton stripes, Bumblebee and many more patterns can make you stand out from the crowd.

Smart-Casual Don’ts

Trainers – Although you can get away with these at other smart/casual occasions, be realistic, this is a wedding. Even the latest, most expensive pair of trainers will look distinctly out of place here, don’t even think about it, just no!

Don’t overdo it – There’s no need to go hunting for a jaw-dropping outfit. Indeed there is no harm in dressing to impress but remember that unless you’re the groom, this is not your special day. An excessive amount of unnecessary accessories, hats, sunglasses and commonly an outlandish attitude are a dead giveaway of a flaunter, and a potential wedding crasher; there’s no room for drama queens at a wedding (unless it’s the bride!).

Don’t dress like your friends! This isn’t your high-school prom or a Saturday night on the town (until later on perhaps), so don’t dress like it! Be yourself, wear what you feel comfortable in aesthetically and most of all, have fun!

There we have it. Hopefully, you now have some understanding of how to choose your wedding attire, without the over complications or last minute anarchy. Once again, it’s been a pleasure to aid you in your pursuit to find the perfect look.

Enjoy the wedding and don’t be late! – Henry J.



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