The Henry J Suits & Socks Guide


There are a number of occasions when a man must get himself suited and booted. He may be a respectable businessman, a hotel doorman, or just a typical dandy fellow! Regardless, there is no lack of contemporary style when it comes to tailoring.

However, at Henry J Socks we don’t conform to trends, WE are trendsetters in the world of socks. So don’t stick with your bland blacks, greys and browns;  branch out to the stripes, spots and patterns that bring out your individuality and quirkiness!

So, without further ado, we present the Henry J. guide to rocking our socks with your formal apparel.

Picking the Suit

Obviously your first and most poignant choice is your suit, which should be selected based upon your build, agenda, the time of day and even which season it is. For instance, a formal, evening dinner should entail darker colours: blacks, blues and greys, with a contrasting pair of shoes and a white shirt, a tie or bow tie being advisable. For the more adventurous, a pinstripe suit could prove the ideal look. Slim and skinny-fit suits are continually proving popular with the younger man, however that’s not to leave out the stockier gent. You may need to try a few different styles, but with the right guidance from a shop assistant, you’re sure to find the cut that flatters your build.

On the other hand, a daytime affair would be best suited with lighter shades of primary or secondary colours, alongside a pair of brown brogues or Oxford shoes. Tailoring your look based around mood and agenda presents a sense of practicality, and shows you are capable of adapting to multiple situations.


It is worthy to note that a particular new trend in formalwear this year is making more use of colour, in an effort to stand out from the prominent black and grey suits donned by traditionalists alike. In particular, “new navy” is seeing more use, which is a lighter shade than the traditional colour.

Have one colour complement the rest of your outfit

Now obviously this does not apply to socks of only one colour. On the other hand, when donning socks of multiple colours, ensure that one colour matches with another part of your outfit, whether this be the shirt, tie, jacket or even the pocket square. This is for when the time comes that your shoes are removed, exposing your socks in all their glory to your audience, the matching colour makes your outfit appear more synchronized, more fluid.

Despite the fact that we’re all about the wacky colours and individual taste, a complete mismatch from sock to the rest of your attire breaks up an otherwise dapper ensemble.

White socks? NO!

Are you a Michael Jackson tribute act? If not, wearing white socks outside of sporting activities is a great big NO. White socks won’t contemplate the rest of your outfit unless you dress like an 80’s throwback. They’re also stain-magnets. Even the smallest stains, which may otherwise go unnoticed on other colours, become embarrassingly profound on a white background.

So keep your white socks away from formal attire, unless you can back up your fashion statement with a flawless moonwalk.

Contrast, Contrast, Contrast

Contrast is the variation in colour and tone. It is essential that you keep contrast fairly balanced across your apparel, as to ensure that it doesn’t look like the circus has come to the meeting room.

Vary your shades of one colour, avoid a combination of low profile and high contrast colour, that equation will spell disaster.

Vary It!

Grow your sock draw to accommodate a pair for any number of mix and match outfits. With our monthly sock subscription, you’ll get a new inspiration (or two, or three!) for your outfit, posted through your front door! Prove that practicality and individualism owns the catwalk in the world of socks. Pick a colour, pattern, shade and pull those socks up!

Never question sock etiquette again, only at Henry J.


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