How to avoid losing socks in the washing machine


Losing your socks in the washing machine is possibly one of the most infuriating things! So we have put together a few tips to ensure that you avoid lone socks.

* When taking your laundry to the washing machine, ensure that your socks are in the middle of the pile. The walk to the washing machine is often the time that a sock gets dropped.

* Use a garment wash bag or pillow case to wash your socks in to keep them together. This will avoid them getting caught up in other clothes or bed sheets.

* When emptying your washing machine, make sure you check the entire machine by spinning it around. Socks have a habit of getting stuck around the inside of the drum!

If you still find that you have socks MIA, then use the Henry J Socks ‘Socks Reunited’ service. Purchase a single sock and reunite your favourite pair!

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