The Perfect Birthday Gift For Those With Snazzy Socks

You’re lying comfortably inside your warm, duvet kingdom. You slept wonderfully throughout the night, and as you roll over to reach for your phone to snooze the alarm, you notice a notification. It’s one of your friend’s birthdays today and you forgot to get them something!

You throw yourself awake, throw some clothes on, brush your teeth, and then it’s time to rush yourself to the shops and find that last minute perfect gift.

Well don’t you worry, we’ve got your back with this gift guide full of items you can get that will go perfectly with some of our awesome socks and boxers, allowing you to plan months before their actual birthday so you can avoid that dramatic wake up rush!

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Dress her ankles

Got a female who you need to grab a birthday present for? Why not get a nice little ankle bracelet to dress her ankles? They work both with low socks (anklets) and without socks, and you can get charms that can complement their favorite hobbies or memories. If you don’t know, or can’t find the perfect ankle bracelet charm, you can always find one with her birthstone set into it; making it far more personal than some flowers and a card.

Make their feet glow!

Do you know a fitness friend who goes jogging at night or in the early hours of the morning, or maybe they walk their dogs or antelopes during the dark hours of Winter? Add a little bit of disco funk to their attire as well as keeping them safe and visible for road users and get them some LED shoes!? These shoes will make great presents and light up their foot steps. With a hidden on/off button and a USB charging slot on each shoe, your birthday present will get much usage and will add even more personality if they enjoy wearing bright and fun socks and boxers.

Give them a home spa

If you got a brand new carpet that you really liked, you’ll want to keep it clean for as long as possible. Your socks are essentially a carpet, so help your friend keep their socks inside nice and clean with a foot spa to keep their feet hygienic. Not only will this keep the inside of their socks nice and clean, but it will relax and loosen any tension they may have from being active throughout the day. Perfect for a night in watching the telly.

All around me are crazy laces

You can grab shoelaces from various sites on the Internet, but why choose plain boring laces when there’s laces out there with bizarre patterns? If your friend or family member enjoys wearing snazzy socks, then this gift idea would be perfect for them, and seeing as most people walk around looking towards the floor and a sea of feet, rather than straight ahead, you’ll be helping to make a stranger’s view a little bit more pleasurable.

Vouchers to spa comfort

We know we mentioned a foot spa, but that’s something for the comfort of their own home, perhaps your birthday person would like to get away from the many walls of their home for a few hours and have a nice relaxing chill out session at the spa. Best thing about the spa? Some of them have those fish that will eat the dead skin from your feet keeping your feet clean and ready to just slip right into your socks.

So there’s our list of products to help you prepare for your friend’s or family members upcoming birthdays! And don’t forget, if you still struggle to think of something, then you can always get them a subscription to Henry J. Socks! Wish them a happy birthday from us!


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Posted: 24th November 2017

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