New Website Design And New Product Introduction


Why hello reader, we had a bit of a change around, how do you like our new look?

We figured we’d go even more modern and way classier than previously, and now our images really stand out, which makes sense really, seeing as our socks will make you stand out! We figured that we may as well update the website anyway seeing as we have a new product to introduce.

They aren’t shy, they go hand in hand with our current socks, they are our new collection of bright, colourful boxers! Perfect for complimenting your socks if you match up. Why have we introduced boxers to our subscription plans though, you may be wondering?

Have you ever felt that daunting pressure of standing in a clothing store looking rather flummoxed at ten rows of different varieties of boxers? Different colours, different materials, open fly, button up. Suddenly, you realise you’ve been stood there for long enough and start to become self-aware that you’re just gawping at them all and still can’t bring yourself to make a personal choice.

Out of frustration, you either grab a random pack, that later on don’t fit you or just aren’t right. You planned to head off with the intention to return another day, but then you realize you’ll be doing the same thing again the next time. So you give up, heading home, right back to your old holey boxer collection, putting them through another day.

That’s why Henry J. Socks will have your naked feet looking fantastic and eloquent, and with the new boxers, you can finally lay those old boxers with holes down to rest.

You will never have to worry about going to the shop to restock and replace those old, tatty socks and boxers. No more staring at socks and boxers in shops for minutes on end. Now you can just wait until the month is out and your new clothing shall be delivered through!

Here at Henry J. Socks, we believe that these socks and boxers that we wear on a daily basis are an essential item of clothing that are meant to hug us with comfort. They can show just how wacky your personality is by sticking out from the crowd with their patterns and colours; so those plain black pants, snore fest. Bright colours and patterns? That’s more like it!

With our monthly subscription plans, you can, as normal, have socks delivered to your address as it always has been, or you can stop that and start getting us to send you boxers instead. What if you want both? There’s a plan for that too! Get socks and boxers sent together for a great price!

Who said that you need them though? Maybe you do, maybe you do want them, but what if you’ve got a friend or family member that looks like they would benefit from receiving new socks and boxers every month as well?

Our subscription plans allow you to purchase our funky socks and boxers for yourself or for them, and we allow you to start the subscription as soon as possible, or if you wanted to wait until a special day, like their birthday for example, then we can start the subscription on the date that you choose.

Don’t worry about it going to waste either if you’ve got someone who always has odd socks on because they lose their socks, or maybe their cat steals them…we have a section on our site to replace said lost sock! Keep your family and friends socks together always.

Never worry about keeping on top of your old, tattered socks and boxers again, never worry about having to leave the house again, sit in the comfort of your home wearing our socks and boxers, while you get your friends and family subscriptions to our socks and boxers too. Let’s all look funky and wacky!

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Posted: 24th November 2017

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