Blue Monday

Blue Monday – January, Happiness and Socks

Ah, January, the start of the New Year. You’ve grown a few inches around your waistline, Credit card bills from the Christmas period are hitting your doormat, and your next paycheck lingers far over the horizon.

Don’t worry too much, as according to widely observed and recorded phenomena, most of us are going through the same reality-shaking experience at this exact time of the year.

‘Blue Monday’, as it’s commonly known, is due typically on the third Monday of every January and this year’s unwelcome addition of the dreary holiday falls on January 16th.

How is it possible to measure happiness?

According to research, Blue Monday is a series of unfortunate variables colliding unceremoniously to result in a combination of depressive effects. A mathematical formula was pulled together initially by ex-Cardiff University student Dr Cliff Arnall, using six identifiable factors:



Time since failing our new year’s resolutions

Low motivation

An overwhelming feeling of a need to take some serious action

Beyond this, research has been carried out by both government-led initiatives – the Office of National Statistics (ONS) – and other researchers such as Professor Lord Richard Layard (London School of Economics) who is a co-editor of the World Happiness Report. The ONS has focused research on the subject of well-being based off of a number of factors such as relationships, health, the economy and the environment. The World Happiness Report similarly measures well-being and happiness as “primary indicators of the quality of human development” and release an annual in-depth report.

So what does this have to do with me?

If you think about it, December is a psychological rollercoaster of a month. At work, our brains are so busy surging with stress, anxiety, adrenaline and “get-up-and-go” cortisol to ensure that everything is wrapped up before the Christmas break. We’re then super-charged with serotonin (the chemical in our brains responsible for happiness) over the course of the Christmas break and, if you think about it, what comes up must eventually come back down.  There is also an unhealthy amount of time left until we see sunlight before work in the mornings; you could say we are practically being starved of Vitamin D.

January, for the vast majority of us, is the morning after the night before, the 31-day-long proverbial hangover and the wake-up call that none of us wanted or asked for. Unsurprisingly to us all, the combination of all this negativity typically hits us on the most unpopular of days – Monday.

What can I do to swerve this phenomenon?10983159_940271399327599_4951509765075124615_n

Just keep going:

Get back to the gym.

Stock up on healthy foods – though the odd treat wouldn’t go amiss!

Socialise and enjoy yourself.

Dress for how you want to feel and be perceived. Show eccentricity where others blend in and lead from the front with colour!

We at Henry J Socks believe in the sheer power of positivity; our ethos sits on the shoulders of seeing things differently and taking a left where others would take a right. Our products ensure you’ll never simply blend into the masses.  Our subscription services ensure you’ll never miss a trick and your chosen package will be delivered with care, month in, month out.

To give you that extra bit of needed satisfaction this January, we’re offering 15% off any subscription with the code BLUE15. Your underwear and sock drawer should never look as cold and lonely as some of us might be feeling on this Blue Monday. Pull your socks up and tweet us @henryjsocks with the hashtag #BlueMonday.



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