What does the colour of your socks say about you?


Think the colour of your socks is unimportant; think again!

When you grab your Henry J Socks out of the drawer in the morning you might not give a second thought to their colour. Maybe just think that you are choosing them through your own free will. But the fact is, the colour of your socks actually say something about you!

Here is our guide to your colour choices and what it could say about your personality.


Pink isn’t always the first colour choice for men, mainly due to the stereotype and stigma or femininity attached to this shade; but in actual fact choosing to wear pink shows that you are brave man, one who isn’t afraid to make a bold choice in the name of fashion.

Some people even go as far to say that it takes “a real mean to wear pink” because such is the feeling around clothing of this colour and we have to say at Henry J Socks we agree with that (although maybe that is bias as we do love a good pink sock).


Red is a shade that says you are proud, loud and ready for action. It is a shade of passion and desire, as well as anger and rage. Of course there are times when you might want to make a passionate and bold statement so decide to go for the bright and in your face nature of red, but equally you may want to rock the red without causing an impact.

By choosing a more muted shade such as burgundy or maroon you can reap the benefits of red whilst not causing too many ripples in the fashion world.


Blue can be seen as a somewhat safe colour choice, after all you can safely say that around 50% of people will have blue as their colour of choice. However, whilst blue is a popular colour, it should not be discounted as a plain and boring shade to choose.

Wearing blue can project that you have a warm personality that you are dependable and trustworthy. It can also (when worn in darker shade) say that you have a serious side that isn’t to be messed with. Just like in law enforcement.

Blue can help in the workplace too, with a calming effect that is thought to increase focus and therefore improve productivity in your work.

A pretty powerful colour hey?


When you wear green it is believed that people will associate you with commitment and dedication as well as that you are laid back and relaxed too. Green also can project an image of wealth which is why it is seen so often worn by big name billionaires around the world.

Green is also festive, especially when teamed with red and can conjure up images of Christmas time and fond memories; although might be a confusing colour choice during the summer months!


So there you have it; the sock colour choices that you select uncovered and explored. Now have a peek; which Henry J Socks did you put on this morning?

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