Father’s Day 2016

Indeed, that time of the year is nearing, again: a time where all proud padre’s revel in the company of family and friends. However, admittedly, each year Father’s Day becomes a more tedious task for the kids to come up with new gift ideas. Many a father ends up with a kitchen stocked with cringe-worthy mugs, or enough alcohol to open a speakeasy in their basement.

Even though the latter occurrence may seem adequate from some dads’ point of view, why not put yourself in your own father’s socks for a moment. Come on; NO ONE wants the same gift every year! That’s where we come in, forget the hours spent staring into catalogues or scouring the deodorant aisle at the supermarket for that latest Lynx Box set.

Here are five ways you can treat the (not so) old man this Father’s Day:

Go on a Walkfatherson

We’re just going to throw this one out there. First off, it’s free (in most cases!), and a walk will do yourself and dad a world of good. In modern society, we spend too much time glued to technology, so just put it all away for a few hours and go on a nice stroll into the hills or through the forest. Take your mobile phone (camera purposes ONLY!) unless you own an actual camera, and document your adventure. At the end of the day, spending quality time with each other is much better than a tacky gift.

A Trip to the Pub

Whether your father’s a sports fan, enjoys a spot of pub lunch or just loves a cold, refreshing pint to quench his thirst, take him down the local or go somewhere new to mix up the location for him. Be warned, though, the first round is definitely on you, possibly even the second or third! Nothing defines father-child bonding like a good old fashioned knees-up, accompanied by a big plate of pub grub, lovely!

His Favourite Banquet

Alternatively, why not cook for dad in the comfort of his own home? Nothing can quite beat your favourite meal, prepared just the way you like it, that is if you’re up to scratch with your culinary skills! For peace of mind, perhaps following a famous recipe would prove to be both easier for you to prepare and all the while more satisfying for the old boy.

“Experience Day Out”

skydiveThis is where the catalogues come in handy, alongside some internet surfing. For a relatively inexpensive price (dependent on your choice) you can treat your old man to anything from a day riding in exotic sports cars to a high-octane skydive at 12,000 feet.

Whatever your father’s hobbies or interests, there’s a good chance there will be an experience available for you to treat him to.

A Box of Memories

It’s the little things that make life big; this is the perfect display of fond memories and experiences. Start to collect your memorabilia, such as photographs, food, old toys and other objects, each with a story behind them. Bunch them all together inside a box or other form of storage, to be presented alongside a written or verbal message of your own.

By far the most touching gesture on this list, a ‘Box of Memories’ might bring a tear out of the stubbornest fathers.

We hope this has given you inspiration on how to treat the man himself this Father’s Day; so what’re you waiting for? Happy hunting!

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