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As we bid farewell to summer, the whole world will soon be shrouded with horror and superstition as we welcome the scariest holiday of them all. That’s right, Halloween is fast approaching, with many shops already stocking up on festive food and creepy costumes. Likewise, bars and clubs across the country are hosting various events to make it a night worth spending out.

Hallows’ Eve is widely believed to originate from the ancient Gaelic festival of Samhain, which marked the end of the harvest season with bonfires and the reorganisation of food and livestock for the coming winter months.

In the present day, Halloween is a cultural influx, with people gathering all over the world to carve pumpkins, tell scary stories and celebrate October 31st in style.

You don’t have to be a die-hard horror fanatic to pull off an awesome costume. It just takes a bit of creativity to pull off a Halloween bash to be remembered. Are you looking for some inspiration for your costume or Halloween party? Look no further, Henry J Socks, once again, has you covered!


The Costume – Comic Book Villains

With the recent release of the highly anticipated Suicide Squad back in August, Comic fans and movie junkies alike haven’t stopped going on about Jared Leto’s portrayal of the notorious Joker, alongside Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. However, this perfect pairing of two psychopaths is sure to be an incredibly popular choice of attire this Halloween, particularly for couples. So, let’s object to the status quo and make a more individual choice, one sure to stand out from the booming crowds of green-haired nutcases! Here are our picks for the best Comic Book Villain costumes:


Harvey “Two Face” Dent


An iconic DC supervillain, his hideously scarred face can bring chills to many, especially with his more realistic, charred appearance seen in the modern Dark Knight film.

To pull off this look, you can go one of two ways. #1, pick yourself a two face mask up on the internet or root around your local fancy-dress shops; this is a relatively cheap option that is both more economical and less time-consuming. #2, for the more creative, is to fix yourself up with some makeup to bring out all of the gory detail. If you have the patience and a steady hand, or a capable friend, you could well don the killer costume this Halloween.

Once you’ve made your decision on which option to go for, the look is completed with a suit, or even just a shirt and tie, alongside Harvey’s signature double-headed coin, although any coin will suffice! Heads or “tails”? See how many of your friends you can trick!



Behold – the evilest being and most dangerous threat to all of Eternia! You cannot go wrong with Skeletor, the pure evil demon from another dimension. Without a need for elaborate makeup, you could pick up a complete Skeletor outfit online. However, if you’re feeling creative, you can make your own cheaper version…

This budget buy uses a purple morph suit as the base, with a cape, a pair of boots, tight black shorts and any pull-over skeleton mask to have you looking as frightful as the real thing, job done! For extra detail, you could paint the mask yellow and craft your own lightweight chest-piece out of rubber or cardboard, to add a bit of bulk to the final look. All in all, Skeletor is an iconic supervillain, instantly recognisable and a menacing sight to behold!


The Party – Henry J has you covered to organise the perfect bash.pumpkincooler_web_05

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Halloween is the perfect excuse for a party! Whether it be friends, family, neighbours, or all three, nothing screams Halloween like a fancy dress get-together to last through the moonlight. Here are a few tips to give your party or gathering that added spooky edge. After all, it only comes once a year.


  • Empty wine bottles? Pop candles into the tops to create fitting décor. Allow the candles to melt down the sides beforehand for added effect.


  • Spare pumpkins? You’ve got yourself a drinks cooler! Simply hollow out the inside of the pumpkin, pop a glass or plastic bowl inside and top it up with ice.


  • Creepy Cocktails – We’ve previously covered Our Favourite Cocktails, so why not add a touch of horror into the mix? For instance, adding green or red food colouring, frosted sugar over the brim of the glass or how about a few (fake!) creepy crawlies lurking in the glass? It’s sure to give your guests a fright!
  • blody-mary


  • Vodka gummies! Give those Halloween treats an alcoholic twist by adding vodka. Simply wait for the treats to soak it all up and serve! Here’s a quick and easy method 


Henry J wishes you all a spooky Halloween; it was truly our pleasure to help!

Want to share your own plans? Let us know @HenryJSocks and you might find like-minded people along the way! We hope you all have a bone-chilling Halloween.
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