Henry J Socks Subscription: A Step-by-Step Guide

At Henry J socks, you now have the option for sock subscription. Yes, you read that right, you can subscribe to have socks delivered at your doorstep regularly. Now how amazing that! You no longer have to shop for socks and you can even send it as a gift for your friends and family.

Henry J socks are unique and fun to wear. They come in a wide range of styles and designs that will surely fit any kind of personality. Henry J socks have socks available for women, children and men of all ages. What makes it better is that the quality of each and every pair of Henry J socks is surely above standards. The subscription process is simple, here’s a quick guide to our sock subscription process:

  1. Choose whether the sock subscription is for you or if you intend to send it as a gift.
  2. Choose a socks subscription plan. Henry J socks currently have three socks subscription plans available to suit your sock requirements. This also makes for a great gift that is suitable for any occasion as it is very practical and useful.
  • 3 Months

1 Pair a month – £5.99/month

2 Pairs a month – £10.89/month

3 Pairs a month – £15.63/month

  • 6 Months

1 Pair a month – £5.49/month

2 Pairs a month – £9.56/month

3 Pairs a month – £13.72/month

  • 12 Months +

1 Pair a month – £4.99/month

2 Pairs a month – £8.32/month

3 Pairs a month – £11.51/month

  1.  Choose Your Sock Style. Henry J socks will give you four choices on what type of stop style and design do you want to subscribe for.
  • Hooped – The hooped socks have striking horizontal stripes all over the socks.
  • Plain – The plain socks collection comes in different bold colours without any prints on it.
  • Heel & Toe – In the heel and toe line, Henry J have a collection of socks that uses two complementing colours for the heel and toe.
  • Random – Or of course, you can choose to pick a pair from each collection or two from one collection and one from the other, you name it, you can have a jumbled selection of orders from all styles to give you choices and varieties.
  1. Select Your Size and Payment Method. Lastly, you get to select the sizes of the socks that you wish to order. Henry J has socks sizes ranging from UK 6 – 10 and UK 11 – 16. After doing so, you can now choose how you want to pay for your sock subscription. You can find the list of the accepted payment methods on henryjsocks.co.uk.

Getting a sock subscription is not a common idea. However, it is a convenient way of getting a supply of high-quality socks without having to go through the hassle of shopping. Henry J also offers to send you a sock in case you lost one of them. Gone are the days when you only have one pair of sock and can’t figure out what to do with the other half!

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