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Henry J Socks’ Swanky New Packaging Makes The Perfect Gift

Our packaging has had a make-over and it’s super awesome!

Buying for others can be difficult, especially when given little or no inspiration on the kind of things that person likes. Then there’s the idea of traipsing around shops for hours with no idea what you are really looking for! After all that you’ll have the nail biting experience of witnessing someone open a gift which they may or may not like and the chances are you’ll never find out….All of this makes for an all together stressful time.


Why not cut all of that unpleasantness out and go for a gift that packs a bounty of style and originality. Our boxers and socks don’t just turn up at your door in some flimsy plastic packaging. They come in a super awesome box. A box that has most recently experienced a make-over. Whether it’s a friend, family member or special someone (wink wink), from when that box first drops through their letterbox to when it’s opened to reveal the contents, your recipient will be left feeling all fuzzy inside and thoroughly spoiled!

Find out more about our sock and boxer subscriptions today.

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