National Dog Day


Since 2004, August 26th has marked a day that all dog-lovers better have in their diary! That’s right, National Dog Day is here, bringing with it celebrations of all canines: big, small, pure and

mixed. No dog is discriminated against in this global event, which aims to spread awareness of just how many unfortunate dogs need to be rescued each year, and also to acknowledge family dogs and working dogs, that live each day selflessly in order to save lives and help their owners get by. Our furry friends keep us safe and bring comfort to our homes, a statement we think positively

reinforces the well-deserved title of “Man (and woman)’s best friend”.

The day itself is cultivated by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige. As a matter of fact, Colleen is considered one of America’s leading Pet & Family Lifestyle Experts.

A profound animal-lover, Colleen is also the brainchild behind a whole plethora of worldwide social media trending holidays, not limited to National Dog Day: it’s younger sibling, National Puppy Day, and even National Cat Day, among many others, are also creations of hers. Although it started out in the United States, National Dog Day has quickly risen to be recognised and celebrated around the world.

If you head over to, you can check out the “Sniff List” of recommended doggie products, check out ways to celebrate the day, or even go the full mile and adopt yourself a four-legged friend through their adoption portal! Although, adopting any animal is a huge commitment, only do so if you are capable, this guide should determine whether you can handle an extra four legs in the house! (all of these features commence on the 26th August).

Among the many eye-watering images present on the site are also social media posts from various high-profile celebrities, in support of the day, such as Oprah and Jimmy Fallon.

The following video, “Beneath the Fur”, is a touching tribute to canines for the joy they bring to households around the globe.

However, there is one thing that’s cuter than an adorable, four-legged companion: one wearing socks!

Donations are encouraged to be made to your local dog shelter, or any dog-related charity of your choice, every donation counts, and will make a difference to a fluffy little fella’ somewhere!


Are you a dog owner yourself? Perhaps you could host yourself a pooch party! Form a pack with your fellow dog enthusiasts and spread awareness of just how loving and important canines are, it’s not barking mad, we promise! While you’re at it, be sure to get a snap of your beloved companions and use the hashtag #NationalDogDay on social networks!

We look forward to seeing your photos, and hope you make the most of National Dog Day; we’ll leave you with a sentimental quote from Colleen herself:

“Beneath the Fur, there is a sentient being, that deserves peace and joy and a place to call home…just like the rest of us”.

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