The Perfect Cocktails To Enjoy This Valentines Day

February is upon us – and that day of the year approaches where nothing but love is in the air! Romance is glorified, suspicious cards may be found on your doormat and many a teary eye can be seen as restaurants jack up their price of a set menu for two, giving an astronomical boost to first-quarter margins.

Responsible drinking is the answer! We suggest a cocktail or three with a friend (or more-than-friend) to get you in the mood (or get you through it). Here are our top picks for a romantic cocktail rendezvous!


The Cloud 9

Main Ingredients:

•    56ml Gin
•    21ml Lemon juice
•    7ml Cherry juice
•    Garnish with candy floss

This drink is both sweet and dry, with a tinge of intriguing flavour that makes it the perfect companion to set off your romantic plans this Valentines.








Love Potion

Main Ingredients:

•    15ml Limoncello
•    45ml pink lemonade
•    15ml rum
•    15ml cherry liquor
•    sugar for rimming glasses

This love potion is the perfect Valentines cocktail with a kick of raspberry and lemon infusion mixed with a sweet Maraschino cherry drizzle. Cheers!







Flirty Fizz

Main Ingredients:

•    28ml Pinnacle vodka
•    45 ml Prosecco
•    Splash of cranberry juice
•    Serve over crushed raspberry’s & ice

This Flirty Fizz is a Romantic spin on your classic Prosecco cocktail, perfect for toasting your Romantic night in.




Cupid’s Cup

Main Ingredients:

•    56ml vodka
•    28ml St Germain
•    21 ml fresh lemon juice
•    7ml strawberry syrup
•    Top up with sparkling rose
•    Garnish with a rose petal & strawberry
The Cherub’s Cup is truly a cocktail of angelic proportion and may well become your new favourite. This drink is both sweet and dry, with an infusion of flavours both intriguing and refreshing – ideal for any romantic celebration.





French Kiss

Main Ingredients:

•    28ml Gin
•    21ml St Germain
•    7ml Aperol
•    10ml lemon juice
•    Top with sparkling rose
This Sparkling French Kiss is tasty, light and refreshing and incredibly romantic, the tart lemon juice with the floral St-Germain (elderflower) flavour makes this cocktail both refreshing and captivating, perfect for a night in or evening out with your loved one.


Grab your ingredients, a mixing jug or blender and create your perfect romantic refreshment, don’t forget the ice! Do you have a preferred cocktail that didn’t make it onto this list? Tweet us @HenryJSocks with a picture of your favourite cocktail! Remember to drink responsibly!


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