How Our Subscriptions Make The Ideal Birthday Gift

Buying for others can be difficult, especially when given little or no inspiration on the kind of things your recipient likes. There’s the added challenge of choosing from the many options online and in high street stores and if you’re not into shopping trips this becomes an all together stressful experience!

When buying for friends and family, our male relatives can be the most difficult to buy for. Our family members tell many of us each year to “not worry about buying anything” but none of us fancy the idea of looking like the cheapskate when every other member of the family has bought a present!

Here at Henry J Socks, we offer a wide and beautifully crafted variety of socks and underwear, perfect for gifts. We also offer a subscription offer where your family and friends can receive a present each month!

We have come up with a number of reasons why you’d be a damned fool not to consider our Sock and Boxer Subscriptions when purchasing a gift for someone special.

Read on to find out more…

About Henry J Socks

Here at Henry J Socks, our passion is to bring the soul back into your shoes. Our designs and collections are unique, not to mention the quality of the knitting. These vibrant socks have tonnes of social appeal sure to make heads turn and add a little fun underneath your shoes.

They’re bold, beautiful and perfect for everyday use. All of our designs and collection are designed to provide ultimate comfort all day long.
Purple and BlueOrange and Blue Blue and Red

Sock Subscription

Here at Henry J Socks we offer a monthly subscription service that delivers socks, fresh from the needle and thread, directly to your door! You can treat your friends and family every month with our luxuriously crafted designs, handpicked just for you.

For those who are continuously losing socks, forget ever having an odd sock day again, Henry J Socks allow you to update your sock wardrobe with our latest designs without lifting a finger!

The perfect gift that keeps on giving!

Boxer Subscription

For those looking for a different present idea for their family members, why not try out our new boxer subscriptions? Great for adding new pieces to your friend or family member’s drawer each month.

Our stylish and comfortable pieces resemble a similar style to our sock collection. Our Boxer Subscription will make the perfect present.

Durable and soft, our bold and striking boxers will remain intact with general wear and tear, despite numerous washes.

Blue and GreenOrange and BlueBoxer shorts

Sock and Boxer Subscription

For those who can’t decide between the boxer or sock subscription, we all offer a monthly offer that delivers both straight to your door! Now you can match your boxers with your socks with the perfect package of a combined boxer and sock subscription!

So next time you are stuck for gift ideas, head over to Henry J Socks, where we have the perfect gift to suit you. Treat your friends and family to a present every month with our subscription offers. If you can’t decide on boxers or socks, why not sign up to both! Find out more here and surprise your friends and family for their next upcoming birthday with our fun and bespoke subscriptions.


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Posted: 24th November 2017

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