A socks for all ages

The brief history of socks

Ah, the sock. Where did it come from and what is afoot (!) for it over time? It is time to explore a clothing item that we can sometimes take for granted but one that we couldn’t really do without. 

Baby steps

Whilst it isn’t particularly clear where socks came from originally it is thought that they date back to the 8th century BC. Greeks used animal hair that was then wrapped around their feet and ankles in order to keep them warm. A rather basic approach to socks if we do say so ourselves! Additionally to this the Romans would wrap their feet in leather or also woven fabrics, a similar approach.

Socks were then a slow grower; with their growth only being seen in the 5th century AD whereby socks were called puttees and only worn by holy people and then joined by nobility in 1000AD.

Striding proud

Socks took another turn in the world of fashion during 1589 when the invention of the knitting machine meant that socks could be made quicker and easier; although both hand made and machine made socks would be crafted alongside each other for many years after this.

In 1938 there was another massive leap in the world of socks, nylon was invented which was a revelation! Meaning that socks no longer need to be made from silk, cotton or wool.

Once nylon came along the sock became more of a fashion accessory then just a sign of status. A variety of colours are now available when it comes to buying socks; stripes, spots, cartoons, animal prints and even lace trimmed. Socks now have it all going for them.

There are even toe socks and flip flop socks now available to suit different footwear, as well as bare socks for those who like the idea of the comfort of socks but not really the look. The possibilities for socks really do seem to be endless.

Socks are even designed now to help sports people, designed with comfort and longevity in mind or simply just to show which team you are on; with a variety of benefits depending on your chosen sport you can have it all with just a simple sock.

The future steps

So that takes us up to the modern day and now you can buy socks here, there and everywhere. In fact, the internet has paved the way for sock subscription companies, just like Henry J Socks where you can arrange to have high quality and also high fashion socks delivered to your home- no hassle, no fuss!

Bright, fun and colourful, why not check out our range today and find out how socks can be for you in the future the Henry J way!

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