Socks; the ideal gift


Beating the myth that socks=boring

At one time or another you may have heard yourself mutter “Oh let’s just get them socks” when deciding on which present is best for a family member or friend.

Unwrapping socks on Christmas morning can conjur up images of disappointed faces as the paper falls off, murmured thankyous when in fact the feeling is quite the opposite of gratitude. This in turn may lead you to think that giving them the gift of socks is a cop out, a low rated gift on the present scale but the truth is; it is time to lift the grey cloud that hangs over the humble sock because let’s face it socks really are pretty awesome!

Don’t believe us? Have a look at what Henry J Socks have done to the bland and basic sock.

By choosing to give someone a sock subscription gift just like the one that Henry J offers you are allowing them to not only pick their own socks but also to explore some styles, colours and designs that they might not otherwise select from. You could say you are giving them the gift of fashion.

You see, socks, like the one that are available at Henry J Socks can be statement items that transform a dull business suit into a kick butt outfit that will really boost the confidence. They can lead to securing that big job, maybe making the sale and just overall making the person wearing them pretty darn amazing! All from a sock!

Socks also can be luxurious, a high quality addition to your wardrobe that not only look great but also are a delight to wear too. The recipient of your sock gift may feel hard done by initially but once they see the beauty of the materials used they will be incredibly happy with your choice.

Functionality too is also something offered by socks. You can buy sports socks that are perfect for the gym or even high performance socks for those special occasions (such as hikes, marathons or other outdoor activities) and you can of course buy specialist branded socks for an extra special treat.

So the overall theme of this post is that you should not underestimate the beauty of the sock and it is important not to disregard it when it comes to thinking about Christmas or birthday gifts.

Invest in high quality socks and you will see a very happy recipient who may even request a new pair when the time to buy another gift comes around.

Henry J Sock subscriptions are the ideal option for when you decide to gift with a sock; beautifully made, fantastic colours and the freedom to select whichever colour and style you want. All on one easy to use service.


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Posted: 24th November 2017

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