sockTo do our part for #Socktober, for every new sock subscription bought this month, Henry J Socks are donating a fresh pair of socks to local homeless shelters. Get at our Twitter @HenryJSocks and show us what you’re doing for Socktober!

Back in October 2011, across the pond in Tennessee, Brad Montague took notice of an all too common problem, especially so in his hometown, homelessness. He wanted to do something about this crisis; while researching the needs of the homeless community, he learned that socks are the items least donated to many homeless shelters. So Brad took action, he began to film himself wishing people a “Happy Socktober!” as he gave out pairs of socks to the homeless on the streets, then posting these videos on social media.


For those of you that don’t know, Brad has already established his presence in the YouTube and social media community as the director of Kid President, a YouTube series which stars his younger

brother-in-law Robby. The series itself is uploaded by Soulpancake, the media and production company owned by American actor Rainn Wilson. Freed-Hardeman University came up with the idea of Kid President as a promotional character for the school’s annual benefit dinner. The series has been viewed by more than 16million people worldwide.

Word got around about Brad’s videos, and people wanted to know how they could help too. So, in a stroke of genius, Brad created a Socktober rap, titled “How Can I Have Swag If I Ain’t Got My Socks On” that could be purchased for a $5 donation.


As well as being a quirky, if not crazy video, all proceeds are going to Aaron Reddin, known as @HomelessHeretic on Twitter. What’s so special about Aaron is that he, along with a group of friends, load up vans with basic human needs, such as food, water and toiletries, and give them all away to any homeless people that they encounter.

Since Brad’s videos Socktober has exploded! Children and adults across the globe have started their own sock drives to benefit their local homeless shelters. In 2013, Socktober teamed up with Kid President to spread the word and encourage more people to participate. Last year, participants on all seven continents donated pairs of socks!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to to get started, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #Socktober. At Henry J Socks, we admire causes such as Socktober, which are devoted and compassionate about helping others, and recognising socks as an essential item of clothing!

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