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At last Spring has arrived and it’s the perfect time to spring clean your sock drawer!

If your sock drawer is full yet you struggle to find a decent pair of socks to wear, follow our quick guide to get your sock drawer back in order:

1. Pair up all your socks. If you have any single Henry J Socks, check out our socks reunited service! Otherwise, throw away any single socks.

2. Check to see if any of your socks are getting threadbare or if they have any holes in them. If they do, throw them away!

3. You should now be left with just pairs of ‘wearable’ socks. So see what colours your are missing and head to Henry J Socks to order your new season pairs!

Now you can say goodbye to those frantic searches to locate a decent pair of socks in your drawer…until next season!DBP_8159 DBP_8146 DBP_8142 DBP_8161 DBP_8175DBP_8179

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